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About Us

Wrestling Officials United

As wrestling officials, we spend countless hours preparing to be at our best when officiating a season of events. We make countless calls every time when we take to the mats. We are vital to the success of an event. For this effort we are paid for the professional service we provide and, hopefully, go unnoticed and leave with a sense of giving.

We know we make a difference because, without our stripes and whistles, these events would be labeled as “practice.” The question is, can we give more? Can we look within ourselves and support an initiative that goes beyond giving our precious time? Can we go beyond the whistle and build a legacy that honors what wrestling brings to the world?

Wrestling Officials United is a program that will support, through your donations, a person, a group, an organization in need of financial support to overcome hurdles in order to strengthen the sport of wrestling. We are a grass roots organization, a special community of male and female collegiate, international and high school officials. Your generous contributions will be the primary source of funding.

As wrestling officials, we share a commitment for charitable giving which contributes to the common good of wrestling. We encourage our fellow officials to look within themselves to collectively support meaningful donation initiatives. Our goal is to build a legacy to honor what the sport of wrestling brings to the world.

Wrestling Officials United will make the giving process easy and there will be no minimums or maximums. Your generous charitable donations may be tax deductible (please consult your tax advisor). All donations will be applied directly to Wrestling Officials United’s annual giving program.
My heartfelt thanks for your selfless gift of time and financial support to wrestling and Wrestling Officials United.


Tim Shiels
NCAA National Coordinator of Wrestling Officials